Annual Report 2020


ISBQPIP Annual Report 2020 (short version)

This report covers the period 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020.

1. Second Prior Experience Recognition Window

The ISBQPIP announced a second PER window in 2020. The PER window opened globally from 15 July to 15 October 2020, except for residents of the USA and Europe because they already had the opportunity, and residents of China, Japan, India, South Korea and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, because of the limited capacity of the ISBQPIP to perform PER application assessments.

In total eight applicants received the QPIP certificate. They were from Australia, Taiwan, and Israel.

2. Qualifications & Continued Professional Development Committee

The committee assessed a total of 11 applications for PER that were received during the second PER window, and prepared for the assessment of the examination applications. Furthermore, the committee discussed and responded to questions and requests regarding CPD points for activities to determine if the activity attracts CPD points.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic it was decided for 2020 to only require five (5) points instead of the ten (10) required by the Rules. This also applies to 2021.

3. Trademark filings on both QPIP term and logo

The ISBQPIP filed applications to register the acronym, QPIP, and the magnifying glass logo. 

Only QPIPs may use the acronym QPIP or the phrase “Qualified Patent Information Professional” in combination with their name (e.g. in their email signature, on LinkedIn etc.). In all other cases, use of the acronym or logo may only be used after written permission from the ISBQPIP has been obtained. Some examples of acceptable use of the acronym  QPIP or the phrase “Qualified Patent Information Professional” include:       

  • In electronic signatures and on business cards      
  • On LinkedIn      
  • In biographies of authors or presenters      
  • On websites of independent patent information professionals or the website biographies of individual patent information professionals employed by patent search firms (NOTE: the QPIP qualification may only be used for individuals, not by an organization)      

Written permission from the ISBQPIP must always be obtained for use of the QPIP logo, but permission will not be withheld for use of the logo in combination      

with the acronym QPIP or the phrase “Qualified Patent information Professional” by an individual e.g. as part of the individual's email signature.      

4. New website

The new QPIP website (same url: was launched on 17 November 2020 which enables examination candidates to apply for enrollment to sit the exam. The new website also enables successful applicants to sit the exam online using their own computer resources and database access. The new website also provides a personal dashboard for each QPIP where they can login to modify their personal data including a different billing address, or they can pay their annual registration fee and also record their CPD activities.       

5. Inaugural QPIP Examinations

A platform was developed within the new website, on which the examination would be hosted, delivered and invigilated. The exam platform can be used for exam registration. Candidates get personal access (log-in) to the exam platform in which each of the exam parts in different time zones are automatically opened and closed. Candidates are able to complete the exam at home or at work using their own resources and database access. 

The official announcement of the inaugural exams was released in November 2020, and shortly after that, the examination application form was made available via the new website. The inaugural examinations were held on Tuesday 23 February 2021 and Thursday 25 February 2021 and a total of 29 candidates from Japan, India, Europe and the United States sat the exam.  

6. Regulatory & Disciplinary Committee and CPD points

The Regulatory & Disciplinary (R&D) committee completed the audit of 2019 CPD activities. A total of 10% of QPIPs were asked to provide a record of their CPD activities, providing evidence of what activities were performed, when the activities were performed, and how much time was spent on each activity. Of the QPIPs audited, 86% of the QPIPs that were audited fulfilled the CPD requirements and successfully maintained their QPIP registration. An audit of QPIPs in respect of 2020 CPD activities will take place in 2021. The new QPIP website provides a tool that should be used by QPIPs to record their CPD activities. 

7. Accreditation Committee

The committee made contact with several training providers and started assessing courses for accreditation.