Become a QPIP™

To become a Qualified Patent Information Professional (QPIP) there are two options:


QPIP certification can be obtained by successfully passing the QPIP examination. The ISBQPIP will organise the exams in an online format at least once every two years at the end of February/early March. The exams are open for patent information professionals in all countries and will be provided for five time regions across the world. The exams are spread over two full days.                              


There has been a one-time opportunity for experienced patent information professionals to obtain QPIP certification via Prior Experience Recognition (PER), based on provided evidence in most countries. In due course this PER opportunity will only become available for residents of China, Japan, South Korea and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea).

How to become a QPIP

For detailed information on the procedures please check the Articles and Rules. In particular, Rules 4 to 16 are relevant for those who wish to enrol for the examinations, and  Rules 17 to 21 are relevant for those who wish to apply for Prior Experience Recognition. Furthermore, it is advised to check the preview of the registration form before starting the application. 

Articles & Rules

The Articles are the legal instrument by which the ISBQPIP is established and the Rules are the implementing procedures that are used by the ISBQPIP to administer its duties.

Why Certification?

What are the reasons to set up a certification for patent information professionals? The advantages of being a Qualified Patent Information Professional (QPIP).