Complaint against a QPIP

The ISBQPIP Code of Conduct applies to any person who is registered as a Qualified Patent Information Professional (QPIP). Each QPIP has agreed to abide by this Code of Conduct.

In case anyone wants to file a complaint against a QPIP about the person's the professional conduct, the complaint must be provided in writing to [email protected].

  1. The complainant must be a natural person irrespective of whether the person is serving for the purposes of the complaint as a representative of a legal entity or not;
  2. The identity including the full name, address and current contact information of the complainant must be provided;
  3. Detailed information including the substance of the allegation against the QPIP including a historical account that supports the allegation including dates, transactional or financial information and any other information pertinent to the complaint.

The complaint will be assessed by the Regulatory and Disciplinary Committee. The committee will provide recommendations to the Supervisory Council, which will take the final decision regarding any disciplinary measures. The QPIP shall be informed of the complaint by the Regulatory and Disciplinary Committee and be given an opportunity to respond to the allegations made within the complaint.

(A member of the Regulatory and Disciplinary committee or the Supervisory Council shall not take part in the handling of a complaint against a decision in which they themselves have been involved.)