PIUG - Legal status

Recorded Webinar Available On-Demand
Schedule 2
4 x 1.5 hours
Patent Information Users Group (PIUG)

Webinar 1

First steps in determining legal status

Suitable for beginners to intermediate level search professionals unfamiliar with legal status information but also provides a refresher on the basic principles for more advanced search professionals

What is legal status? - you might already be using it without knowing

Limitation to patents and patent-like IP rights

Use cases for needing legal status information - there may be more than you think

Quasi-legal status from the bibliographic record - hold the front page

Reading and understanding some unfamiliar INID codes

Where to go next for dedicated sources


Webinar 2          

Overview of source types for legal status information

Who generates legal status information?

Where do we find legal status information – different approaches

Registers and file inspection – what’s the difference?

Navigating information sources covering the IP5 offices

The WIPO Patent Register Portal

Other directories


Webinar 3           

Deep-diving into Legal Status

Characteristics of PCT legal status information

Multi-country or national sources – which is best?

INPADOC revisited

Patent Office information from multiple sources – are they really equivalent? (INPADOC/Register, INPADOC/PAIR, J-PlatPat/INPADOC, etc.)

EPO Federated Register and deep-linking


Webinar 4           

Interpreting Legal Status Records

How do we understand what we find?

Sources of national patent law (in English)

WIPO-CASE and the IP5 One Portal Dossier

Navigating some non-English Patent Office registers

Legal status impact upon the bibliographic record (including non-IPO decisions)

When do we conduct a legal status enquiry?

  • Proficiency level 2 (intermediate)
  • Provider Accredited Course Yes
  • AC member responsible John Zabilski
  • QPIP Accreditation Status Yes