Hire a QPIP™



What is actually a QPIP?

A Qualified Patent Information Professional (QPIP) has the proven competence needed to translate your IP related problem into actionable direction by providing you with the right information.

What is the benefit of hiring a QPIP?

Competent searching of patents and industrial designs requires knowledge about the patent system, ontologies and classification schemes. It requires in-depth knowledge about which data platforms to use and how to search them. Having the expertise to understand the technology described in patents, QPIPs analyse and distil the most important information to assist you with your decision-making. You can confidently put your trust in a QPIP to handle any type of patent and industrial design search.

How is the QPIP status obtained?

The QPIP credential is obtained by either i) successfully passing the standards board's certification exam or ii) having at least 10 years documented experience of searching patent information at the time of applying for Prior Experience Recognition. To sit the exam, a candidate must have at least three years of experience conducting patent searches.

How do QPIPs maintain their credential?

QPIPs must abide by the standards board's Code of Conduct and participate in Continued Professional Development (CPD) activities on an annual basis. Examples of CPD activities include topic relevant self-studies, attending or speaking at patent information conferences or writing journal articles or blogs relating to patent information.