QPIP Exam Preparation Mentor Pilot Program


We are pleased to launch a new pilot program to support QPIP candidates preparing their certification. Mentors will provide up to 5 hours of guidance per candidate to help with exam preparation.
The role of the mentor is to facilitate self-study and test-prep work - through guidance, feedback and problem-solving support - not to provide direct teaching. Mentees will be independently responsible for learning all exam content.
Each mentor will focus their assistance on one exam subject area: Novelty/Opposition/Validity Search, Patent Infringement Risk Search, Categorisation or Patent Landscape.
Interested candidates should select the subject area they need most help with. Meeting schedules and formats (e.g. video chat, phone) can then be arranged directly between each mentor-mentee pair.
This is a limited pilot program with mentors volunteering their time. Mentees will benefit greatly from individualised guidance.
Applications will be reviewed and mentors/mentyees paired based on subject area alignment and availability. Candidates may have to wait to be matched if mentors are no longer available.
The pilot program will run for the next 2 months leading up the exam date.
At the end of the program, both mentors and mentees will be asked to complete a survey to evaluate the experience and ways to improve the program going forward.
Please contact the ISBQPIP secretariat ([email protected]) if interested in participating as a mentor or mentee.

Become a QPIP Exam Preparation Mentor (pilot program)

We are seeking experienced Patent Information professionals to volunteer as mentors for candidates preparing to take the upcoming qualification exam. As a mentor, you will play a great role in helping guide future patent professionals.
In this pilot program, mentors can earn Continued Professional Development (CPD) points for their time. For every mentee you support with 5 hours of guidance over about 2 months, you will earn 2 CPD points.
Key responsibilities include:

  • Agreeing to focus on exam subject area with the mentee
  • Answering subject matter questions 
  • Providing feedback on practice questions and materials
  • Being available for regular check-in meetings (in-person or remote)

We are specifically looking for mentors who are experts in these exam topics:

  • Novelty/Validity/Opposition Searches
  • Patent Infringement Risk Searches
  • Categorisation Assessments
  • Patent Landscapes

By volunteering your knowledge and experience, you can directly impact a mentee’s ability to pass their QPIP exam. Your guidance over the coming months will be invaluable for their future career success.
If you wish to give back to the profession in this way, please contact the ISBQPIP secretariat ([email protected]). We appreciate all QPIPs who share their time and skills with the next generation. Together we can build the future of IP professionals.