Susan Helliwell Award 2021 awarded to Michaela Rasmussen


The ISBQPIP is proud to announce the winner of the Susan Helliwell Award 2021 for the candidate who obtained the best results among all participants in the 2021 QPIP examination with the best overall results: Michaela Rasmussen.

Established in 2021, this award commemorates Ms Susan Helliwell and her many contributions and dedication to her profession in establishing the QPIP certification.

Michaela's response:

I would like to take this opportunity to express how deeply honored I am to receive the Susan Helliwell Memorial Award of 2021. Susan Helliwell had an enormous impact on the patent searcher community and in the shaping of the QPIP exams and it is with great pride that I receive this commemorative award. I would also like to thank all who have contributed in making the QPIP exams come to life and continuously working on recognition for the challenging work of Patent Information Professionals. I would also like to thank my manager Lisbeth Gauguin for her continuous support in my professional development and for encouraging me to sign-up for the exams. Finally I would like to thank my mentor Peter Simonsen from the Danish Patent and Trademark Office who with his wit and humor introduced me to the challenging world of searching in the patent literature. If not for him I would not have realized what an interesting profession it is to work in the world of patents.