ISBQPIP session at CEPIUG 15 years anniversary conference


The ISBQPIP hosted a session at the CEPIUG Conference on the QPIP Certification. First Bettina de Jong (former chair) and Linus Wretblad (new chair) gave a presentation on the first 5 years of QPIP certification (the official establishment of the ISBQPIP was announced at the CEPIUG Conference 5 years before). They covered not only the history, but also Prior Experience Recognition, Continued Professional Development, the examination set-up and results of the past 3 exams, and especially what certification brings to the profession. 

The presentation is available under 'Documentation'. 

Linus and Bettina

This presentation was followed by the official Susan Helliwell Memorial Award ceremony. This year's winner is Ekrem Ayhan Çakay (see the news item).

After the break, the two award winners from 2021 (Michaela Rasmussen) and 2022 (Davinia Collyer) shared their experiences with the exam, how they prepared, how they felt and what they thought of the exam. Both presentations were very inspiring and resulted in many positive reactions.